10 Boreholes Complete for the Hargeisa City Alternative Water Supply Project

10 Boreholes Complete for the Hargeisa City Alternative Water Supply Project

UAE Khaliifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation through the Afro Arabian Gulf Drilling and Construction Company and in Collaboration with the Ministry of Mining Energy & Water Resources have completed and handed over 10 boreholes drilled and equipped in the Xomboweyne (Hombowaayne) Basin approximatey 30 km NE of Hargeisa City.

On succesfull completion of phase II of this alternative water supply where pipelines, booster stations and water storage will be constructed, the city of  Hargeisa will see an additional 6,000 cum (at least) of water to the Hargeisa City Water Supply system.

This additional water will be targeted at the areas of Hargeisa currently not receiving water. Further the additional water will see an increase of household connections and a sharp reduction in water trucking to the capital through un-hygienic water tankers pumping water from contaminated shallow riverbed aquifers.

Eng Hussein Abdi Duale (Minister of Mining Energy & Water Resources) Says ” When I first came into post I was pre-occupied with the thought of drilling the first exploratory oil well in Somaliland, however this thought soon became short lived when i witnessed the dire need for water and lack of hygiene in our nations capital. I made a promise to Hargeisa, to develop sufficient water resources before anything else”

We are now kindly waiting for the Khaliifa foundation to announce phase II of this project to see the connection of a total of 14 boreholes in the Xomboweyne basin to the Massala area of Hargeisa City.

The Nation of Somaliland is great-full to it’s Muslim brother nation of the United Arab Emirates and hope for their continued support and dedication to Somaliland.