HE Hussein Abdi Duale is a senior petroleum engineer who’s been working in the American Oil Industry for over 40 years. Born in 1957 in the Somaliland Republic and studying at Shiekh Boarding school and then Amoud in Borama, Hussein Abdi Duale has left his lucrative and comfortable life in the US to support the development of his homeland.

Hussein graduated with a degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 1983, followed by five years in operations with Chevron. He joined Metro in July 1989 and managed 100 million dollars worth of maintenance contracts, including the CNG fuelling systems used by Metro’s bus fleet.

Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Silyano announced the appointment of Hussein as the Minister of Mining, Energy and Water Resources on July 28 2010 from the country’s capital city of Hargeisa.

In the service of his country, Hussein is managing oil and gas exploration concessions sought by an increasing number of global concerns. He is responsible for energy and ground water development.

Hussein, 53, resided in the northern Los Angeles County community of Stevenson Ranch with his family. Although Hussein has re-established residency in Somaliland to serve in the cabinet, travelling his family, who will remain at home in California while the young sons continue their education.

“I am going with the blessing of my wife and sons, who are very supportive. My wife has said this is a bigger calling – a worthwhile accomplishment that our kids will be proud of and one that will make a difference in the quality of life for our country of birth.”

The Minister is well respected by his ministry management team, members of government and general public alike, he is open to see members of the public on certain days and an appointment can be made via his administrator.

Major Achievements within 18 Months in Post

1.       Securing over 10 Million Development Aid from UAE for Hargeisa & Burao Urban Water

2.       Securing 27 Million Euro from the European Community for Hargeisa Water Agency & Burao Water Agency, MMEWR.

3.       Kick starting the stalled oil concessions in the hope of seeing a test well within the current administrations period in government. Putting Somaliland on the Oil Map at the 2011 Oil Industry conference in Cape town, South Africa which led to the visit of Tullow Oil PLC Vice President to visit Somaliland.

4.       Bringing a robust new management team into the Ministry of Mining Energy & Water Resources.